All about BHFC Financial Services in Glendale AZ and their secrets.

BHFC Financial Services in Glendale AZ likes to play by its own rules. They have no regard for the law and do not follow any guidelines on operating. If you purchased a car in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, or Northern California chances are you are financed through BHFC Financial. What they won't tell you is that they require all their dealers to place GPS tracking units in all of their cars so when it comes time to repo they can pick up your car without notice. In fact their dealer representatives Lori Fait and Dave Ford tell dealerships to make sure customers don't know there are GPS tracking units in their cars. Every lender that I have personally worked with requires you to tell customers if there are GPS units in your car and even has their customers sign a GPS addendum because they legally have to. BHFC Financial Services however likes to play by its own rules, rules set by owner Thomas Medaglia. Feel free to visit our blog at BHFC Financial Services to see how they operate their business.

If you've been burned by BHFC Financial Services visit their office and ask to speak to Tom. Anyone else you speak to is just one of his minions and doesn't have any decision making power. If they tell you he isn't there look for his Tesla parked outside that you guys have been paying for. 

BHFC Financial Services shady business practices and why you should avoid them. How to get out of your contract and how to take legal action against them. Check your car for a secret GPS tracker they have installed so you don't get stranded by their shady Repo Tactics.

BHFC Financial Services Exposed

7017 N 56th Ave Suite A
Glendale, AZ 85301


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