If you purchased a car from DR Auto Sales in Glendale AZ you are most likely financed by BHFC Financial Services. Don't get repoed without notice check your car for a GPS tracking unit BHFC had DR Auto Sales install for them. 

If you are having car troubles from buying a car from DR Auto Sales it is more common then you think. 100% of the cars DR Auto Sales is either from auction sold to them as is or a BHFC Financial Services Repo given to them as is. Most of these cars have problems and without a certified mechanic on staff you're buying a car blind. You might as well flip a coin and pray when you buy a car from DR Auto Sales. 

Check out DR Auto Sales reviews before you purchase a car from them. There have been countless customers with car problems from them and when you finance with a bank like BHFC Financial Services they don't care they will collect what they can from you and sell the car off to the next customer without checking it. I know this for a fact because I worked with BHFC Financial they repo cars and drop them off to dealerships like DR Auto Sales and let them sell it without knowing the actual condition of the car. They honestly do not even care if the car runs they want you to sell it and collect a few payments, repo the vehicle using their secret GPS trackers, and then resell it over and over again.

BHFC Financial Services shady business practices and why you should avoid them. How to get out of your contract and how to take legal action against them. Check your car for a secret GPS tracker they have installed so you don't get stranded by their shady Repo Tactics.

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