• Martin Marquez

BHFC Financial Services charges customers 4x the actual value of the vehicle.

BHFC Financial Services currently has a bank financing program called their "low book" program. What is this program? This program is where dealers charge 200% of the actual value of the vehicle plus 29% interest. That works out to roughly $13,000 for a car with the value of $3000 over the entire loan time.

Why is this bad for you? Besides the obvious this makes it impossible for you to ever trade in your vehicle. When you owe thousands more than the car is actually worth no dealership can possibly take your car in on trade. So when your car breaks down basically you're stuck paying on it forever and at the end of the loan term the car that was worth $3000 when you started is probably going to be worth $1000. So if you are desparate enough to buy a car that will be worth $1000 at the end of the loan for $13000 BHFC Financial Services in Glendale AZ is your goto


BHFC Financial Services shady business practices and why you should avoid them. How to get out of your contract and how to take legal action against them. Check your car for a secret GPS tracker they have installed so you don't get stranded by their shady Repo Tactics.

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