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BHFC Financial Services Secret GPS Trackers!

BHFC Financial Services in Glendale AZ installs secret GPS trackers in their cars without notifying their customers.

Did you know that if you're currently financing a vehicle from BHFC Financial Services in Glendale AZ you probably have a GPS tracker in your car? That's right they can track the location of your vehicle at any given time so if you're behind on your payments you always need to be on the lookout for the repo truck. Doesn't matter if you're in the same city or state they know exactly where the car is. Take a look at the review below of BHFC Financial Services on Google, this customer got their car repoed while taking their kids to school!

BHFC Financial Services in Glendale AZ is actually the only bank I've heard of that doesn't have an agreement that is signed by the customer notifying them of installing a GPS unit. Their bank rep that deals with dealers hands on actually advises that dealers do not tell customers that there are GPS units installed because they worry customers will pull the GPS units out. So every bank has a signed agreement from the customer however BHFC does not. Shady practice? If you're an attorney we'd like to chime in and let us know if tracking customers without notifying them is a legal practice or not. For those customers that currently have a bank loan through BHFC Financial Services check with your local mechanic and see if in fact there is a GPS tracking device in your vehicle or not.


BHFC Financial Services shady business practices and why you should avoid them. How to get out of your contract and how to take legal action against them. Check your car for a secret GPS tracker they have installed so you don't get stranded by their shady Repo Tactics.

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