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How do I get out of my BHFC Financial Services Loan?

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Honestly your best bet is to just stop paying and take the repo hit on your credit. They put customers in loans that are so bad that you can pay for two years and still owe more than the car is worth. For example if you have one of the traditional low book car loans you're probably paying around $350/month for 3 years. Well bad news for you is that car is probably worth $3000 at time of purchase and you owe $10,800? You literally have to be a moron to be pay that. That car will be worth $1000 once it is paid off so you will have paid $10,800 for a $1000 car.....Go ahead goto check the value of the car and see how much you owe.

If you don't want to take the hit unfortunately there is not much you can do once you signed a contract so make sure you see who your lien holder is before signing. However if they are in the wrong you can definitely report them to the Arizona Attorney General, and contact a lawyer. They do not want to use the time or resources to handle a legal suit so having your attorney call will be your best bet. You can also file small claims online directly through the superior court if you cannot hire an attorney. Reasons to get out of your loan.

1. If purchased from a dealership, they have 30 days to provide you with your hard plate or you can report them to ADOT as well as the Arizona Attorney General.

2. The car you purchased is not safe to drive. If your car cannot drive on the highway this is deemed not safe. Most dealerships only give you a 15 day 500 mile warranty so make sure you report in this time. Contact not only the dealership where you bought the car but contact BHFC Financial Services as well until they let you out of your contract because you bought a lemon.

BHFC Financial Services mainly deals with reposessions. They don't actually check out the cars themselves and let dealerships handle it. Their Google Reviews speak for themselves rude customer service and faulty vehicles. The reason they have so many negative reviews on their cars is because their reposessions go from repo to next dealership to sell it without inspection.

If you feel your car is not working properly in anyway within the warranty time report it to BHFC and tell them you're not going to pay until the car is fixed. They will either have to fix the car for you or let you out of your loan and if they don't contact your local attorney and see what you can do about purchasing a lemon.

There is not much you can do once you've signed a contract but if they are in the wrong you can definitely do something about it. The internet makes it easy to file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General or a law suit against them online as well.


BHFC Financial Services shady business practices and why you should avoid them. How to get out of your contract and how to take legal action against them. Check your car for a secret GPS tracker they have installed so you don't get stranded by their shady Repo Tactics.

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